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I rarely work with anyone until we have had one at least one connection call! Here’s why.

Online course creation is not easy. It takes time, commitment and patience. I need to make sure the money you’re investing in me and the time I’m investing in you, is something we both feel good about.

I want to make sure that we’re a good fit and feel certain that what I have to offer is really what you need. That should be important to you too. I may offer some suggestions on how you can prepare for our time together. I want to make sure I’m able to deliver on the ask, and that may mean a little pre-homework on your part. Did I mention this is a commitment?

Following our connection call, you will be able to decide which package is a “best fit” for you.


  • are feeling called to teach
  • are struggling to come up with your course idea
  • feel lost and confused about the process of creating your online course
  • need to get clear on your course topic idea
  • need a push to go from idea to action

… then this course planning session is for you. We’ll meet online together and use my go-to strategy of collaborative mind mapping to map out 1 or 2 possible course ideas, choose one to focus on, and build out a draft course map. There will be some pre-work for this session around validating your idea, so you need to be ready to commit.

Included is:

  • 1 – 60-minute online session
  • Access to collaborate on your very own course mind map (which can later be downloaded for your reference)
  • Recording of our call
  • One week email follow-up

Mind mapping was amazing! I never heard about it until I met Tracy. I had always had an idea for a course but just wasn’t sure how I would actually make it come to life! I’m definitely an “ideas” person, but have always had trouble getting those ideas out of my head and into a course that not only taught people a subject, but actually made sense and flowed nicely. Tracy was able to show me the benefits of mind mapping and creating a course I know will be successful!

Justine Luzzi

Spiritual Life Coach, Healer, Mentor & Matchmaker

This package is for you if…

  • you have a course idea or topic in mind
  • need support mapping it out
  • want to take it the extra step to have a fully developed course (planning only)


  • 1- 90 minute course planning session, invitation to collaborate on/download mind map
  • 1- 90 minute follow-up session to build out your course
  • Fully developed course outline, topical outline, and learning plan
  • Recommended engagement activities and highlighted supplementary resource list created 

This premium package is for you if…

  • you have a target launch within 12 weeks
  • work plan created based on your target course launch date (know what to do, in what order, and when)
  • contracted VA support with 2 “Done for You Services” of your choice (let me take some of the content creation and tech integration off your hands)


  • includes everything in the “Map It Out” and “Build It Out” packages
  • Weekly Zoom Calls
  • Work plan, ongoing email support
  • Choice of 3 Done For You Services (list provided)
  • Payment plan available

Tracy Sherriff is my “go to” mentor when it comes to mentoring course creators.

I enlisted Tracy when I needed to get a course out of my head and onto my laptop. Her professional teaching experience lends itself to making the process efficient. Moreover, she supported my intention to create a course that gives my students an experience that gets them results and support without all the extra fluff.

I recommend Tracy’s services and mentorship to course creators who feel overwhelmed by designing and implementing their courses.

Merideth Bisiker

Business Strategist

This “ALL-IN” package is for you if…

  • you want to have unlimited access to an instructional designer and engagement expert with VA support all rolled into one from development through implementation


  • Includes everything in the “Map It Out” and “Build It Out” packages
  • Work plan created based on your target course launch date (know what to do, in what order, and when)
  • Contracted VA support with all required “Done for You Services” to get your course developed, designed, tech integrated and launched (list provided)
  • Email support
  • Branded content creation (social media posts, slideshares, fillable PDF’s etc.)
  • Payment plan available

Don’t see a package that meets your needs?

Start with a connection call and an email outlining what you need and when you need it. I can provide a quote for a customized package of consulting and/or VA support to suit your needs.