Hey Course Creator, I'm Tracy

Lifelong Leaner

Currently a Masters of Arts in Education Student

Course Creator

Over 15 years experience teaching in higher education settings in various disciplines

Engagement Expert

Choosing the right tech tools, automation systems, and engagement strategies for your course

My Story

One of my greatest joys is teaching, inspiring, mentoring, and leading others.

I’m a passionate educator with over 25 years teaching in early childhood through higher education settings, and I’m obsessed with teaching and learning in the online space. I’ve not only taught in face to face classrooms teaching small groups and large groups of adult students, I have developed courses for face to face, hybrid, and online delivery.

As an educator I value the importance of personal and professional growth, and recognize learning as an ongoing process. I’m a lifelong learner and I completed my entire degree online because I realized the flexibility in being able to balance studying with family life.

I’m deeply committed to helping entrepreneurs develop their idea into a viable online course, utilizing the principles of universal design to increase accessibility, engagement, and learning.

Education has always been something I’ve been drawn to, but even more so after my children were born. I’ve learned a great deal about learning by watching my three young boys find their way through the education system, advocating for something more for them than a “one size fits all approach”.

Having children with unique learning differences and working in the field of special education has also impacted me not only in regards to who I teach, but what I teach and how.  As a result I can show you how to create course content that meets the learning needs of a diverse group of learners. It starts with the idea, but the development and design of an online course is equally important to the success of your students.